Ladies and gentlemen, after months of battling ongoing battles between good and evil, which will take the energy right out of you. I never understood how Superman or Wonder Woman or Batman are able to sleep because all the fighting they have to do with the maniacal evil; that is floating around. The first reading this is wondering how any of us actually get laid. I am not sure but I am guessing 20 dollars goes a really long way. After dealing with depression, a stint of bullshit, and Burger off the dollar menu at McDonald’s the day has finally arrived. This is the relaunch of THE BUZZ KILL. You may now applaud loudly where ever you read this. (Clapping loudly in public, may get you looked at weird or kicked out of the library. Please clap with caution.)

As you can see we have a complete new design with some new features and that is what we are going to talk about with you right now.  First, we may have lost some writers in the move over to the new site, but at the same time we gained a couple as well. Look at the top and hover over the About section, you can find an Author’s page, complete with new names and bios for each.

I know what a lot of you lonely men and women have always thought to yourself, where can I find me someone like that Richard fellow? I know I just laughed out loud. I think that you have been wanting and demanding all the Hotties and Hunks in one place so you can see the entire list of inductees. Well you can now do that in our new menu.

The Buzz Kill Live, has been one of the most successful parts to The Buzz Kill, you think we are going to forget about the bastard child of this site? I do not think so. Now, you can find the latest episodes of all our shows in one place. Click the TBKIR tab in the menu and prepare to have your mind blown.

We have also finally added something to the equation that we have only done sporadically. That is the wonderful world of videos. Now, that we have the option of rocking more videos, we are going to take every chance we get to entertain you. There will be more lip sync videos, sketch comedy, social experiments and much more. Please stay tuned into the video section for the more that come along. Including our new show Three Minute Hell.

As you can see there is a lot going on around here and what we have told you was just the tip of the iceberg. Explore around. Read some of the older articles, and prepare for one of the craziest journeys you have ever been on.