Damn, do I love horror movies! Who doesn’t nowadays? Psychological thrillers, slashers, zombies, Lycans, and vampires. I love them all, but I find that my favorites from the horror genre are zombies and vampires. Both born of myth and centuries old with ties all over the world.

You know what really gets my goat? How vampires went from the bloodthirsty, vicious, relentless killers to the sparkling disco ball pussies they are now. I mean they went from being demons without the ability to appear human to a glittery emo kid that makes the girls drool all over themselves?Sore Ad

First things first, when exposed to sunlight a REAL vampire will burst into flames not fucking turn into a 1970’s vanity accessory. The Chinese and Japanese call them Oni or Kappa, meaning demon. The most famous vampires, Dracula and Lestat, were ruthless killers with a very romantic side. One of the best movies to show this is Interview with a Vampire, Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt were amazing in this movie. Two guys that bring a sparkle to every girls’ eye but they didn’t sparkle.

I challenge Hollywood to bring back REAL vampires. This Twilight mushy vampire shit is just sad. Give a us a modern look at Dracula, a new vision of the Bram Stoker Dracula. I enjoyed Underworld, all though the third and fourth movies were really iffy. We need a new vision of John Carpenter’s Vampires.

The myths and legends of these creatures need to be reinvented and given new life. Give us the romantic and the feral ruthlessness. The vampires use seduction, love, sex, and lust to further their agenda, whatever it may be. They are sexy and sultry while being a savage demon at the same time. We need new blood.

My top vampire movies are:

Interview with a Vampire

Bram Stoker’s Dracula

John Carpenter’s Vampires



Blood, the last vampire

Last but not least, Dracula 2000