Time travel, one liners, cool bow ties and the combo of an adorable smile and a sweeper. What could be sexier? Nothing, that’s what. Imagine the man of your dreams being able to take you through the expanses of time and space. This is admittedly a dream, of the not so dry variety, that I have almost nighmatt_smith_and_david_tennant_by_greenwolf1d-d58z2wjtly. The Doctor from the well known BBC show Doctor Who is the perfect induction into the hall of hunks. He’s cunning, debonair, smart, funny, and he’s a time lord. If you aren’t ready to jump someone’s bones after he takes you out on a first date to the planet of Karass don Slava, I’ve just got nothing for you. If only he could bring you home to meet the parents on Gallifrey.

However, this particular hunk has caused some controversy amongst a few of our writers. We’re divided on supporting the tenth doctor, David Tennant or the elevetumblr_l83m28Mwey1qdyx3ao1_400nth doctor, Matt Smith as the best doctor. There are strong arguments on both sides. Personally though, I am and will always be a huge David Tennant fan. The man is the personality of The Doctor incarnate. The combination of Rose Tyler and the 10th Doctor is an extremely well known and heart wrenching combo. The relationship they build while Rose is his companion is beautiful, and their chemistry is undeniable. But Rose, of course, wasn’t his only companion. While Donna isn’t a crowd favorite among fans, she and her family ultimately played a huge roll at the exit of the 10th doctor. In the interest of giving an unbiased report, I do also love the eleventh doctor.

It took a while to adjust after David left the role, but I have grown to love Matt Smith as weledbl. His initial episode was energetic, adorable, and definitely kept with the spirit of the doctor. His primary companions Amy and Rory brought a lot of interesting aspects to the show. The story of River Song and The Doctor also unfolded more during the 11th doctor’s time. We got to see their involvement increase and even discovered the full story behind Rivers beginnings.  For me personally, the companion for the eleventh doctor that pulled my heart strings the most, was Clara Oswald. I won’t deny a single one of the tears I shed at the conclusion of the most recent series of Doctor Who. Matt Smith has done a fantastic job as The Doctor. 

I would love to hear from the readers though. We want to know where all of you weigh in for the David vs. Matt debate. So, tell us who your favorite wibbly wobbly timey wimey hunk is.