Finally, after all the writing of CSS and HTML, I have a new post for you. By the way, I may be looking for someone to write these for us. If you are interested, shoot me an email. The hardest thing about redoing the complete website in the last few months is worrying about what could go wrong. Apparently for me,  it is catching an allergy attack only a week or so after getting married . . . Oh wait, did I forget to mention that since I last graced the good pages of The Buzz Kill, I am now a married man. Yes, the man who has graced this website with some of the dumbest things on the internet has now settled down with a woman (and some certain days a very sexy man). I have learned however that I am the wife in this relationship, plus I have some killer legs in a dress. Just ask August Dawn. I feel that since I am the woman in my marriage and tonight my ass will consummate the marriage with a big purple strap on. I guess that I don’t have to worry about Any Man of Mine because I already have one that has nice boobs.