Here is a very special Public Service Announcement entitled “That’s Just My Baby Daddy”

Today’s public service announcement is dedicated to procreation. First of all, let me say that you should really listen when people say wrap it before you tap it. Be careful when you decide to participate in copulation with anyone because you could very well end up procreating with them. While a child is always a wonderful gift that you’ll never regret, you may regret the person with whom you make that wonderful gift. While that person may seem great during the penetration stage, once the dust settles chances are they’re just as much of an asshole as any of us. A child is a lifelong commitment, you will always have that beautiful bundle of joy in your life, and adversely you’ll always have their other parent in your life.  My advice kids don’t jump into the physical stage of a relationship. When you do finally take that leap, please for the love of god, Buddha or whatever deity you answer to, be safe. Until you are seriously committed with this person, like nobody is going anywhere committed, don’t neglect protection. Let me say it again….. USE PROTECTION! Ladies think of your exes, you know the ones whose numbers you keep saved under “do not answer” or “he’s probably outside your window”. Do you really want that man to father your child and be involved in the rest of your life? Guys, do you want the girl that started saving clippings from a bride’s magazine a week after she met you to get half your money for child support and have a reason to call you every day? The answer for all of this is no, of course you don’t want to be tied to some psycho for the rest of your life. That would be the reason you didn’t stay with them. So in closure, I’d like to throw some wise proverbs at you. Don’t be silly wrap your willy, don’t be a dummy blow on her tummy, and of course wrap it before you tap it.