We all know the world of gaming and entertainment is going to change in less than a month when the next generation of gaming consoles is released. With the impending Playstation 4 and XBOX ONE our living rooms are going to be transformed into fully interactive home entertainment experience. As great as all of the features like Netflix, Pandora, ESPN, etc are some tend to forget that these consoles are built for gaming first and foremost. What will the next generation of gaming be like? What kinds of games can we expect? Well I hope to help answer those questions with my new series called “Advent Gaming: A Look Forward”.

Watch DogsThe first game I am going to talk about is one that got me really excited during E3 this last year. The game Watch Dogs, from gaming giant Ubisoft, is slated to be one of the biggest games to date for the company and will surely take its place among its contemporaries like Assassins Creed, Rainbow Six, and Splinter Cell.

Not a next Gen exclusive, Watch Dogs will assuredly blow our minds on current Gen systems and completely destroy them on next Gen systems. Watch Dogs is set in Chicago, where technology has taken over and dictates and simplifies everyday life. You play as Aiden Pearce, a very tech savvy citizen that is determined to fight the system. He is a highly skilled hacker as well as hand to hand combatant. The city of Chicago is his ultimate playground since the implementation of the CtOS (CenTral Operating System). Stars runs and manages almost all the information traveling throughout the city, it stores information on everyone to be accessed and used for any number of reasons.

Aiden uses the CToS to help navigate the city, find assassination targets, replenish his funds, control media, escape cops, and much more. One example of this was shown at this years E3 conference in LA, Aiden helps a fellow hacker escape capture by hacking cameras and directing the hacker to and from cover while creating a diversion so Aiden himself can take down an attacker splinter cell style to allow them to escape. Once the hacker is safe Aiden must escape the police and calls in another mobile player to aid him in his escape. All done using only his Smartphone.

The game appears to be packed with action and looks absolutely stunning. Watch Dogs look like the love child of Grand Theft Auto and Splinter Cell, keep your eyes open for this one guy. Due to a recent delay this game will not be available until spring 2014.

E3 2013 Gameplay for Watch Dogs