As promised my first piece is going to stray from our traditional nerdy and get into a whole lot of dirty. The first time I met my lover, he was speechless. Laying eyes on me took his breath away. I was wearing a short black wiggle dress 7 inch pump stiletto and bright red lipstick. I quickly found he quite enjoyed the pinup-esque look that I tend to sport. We spent the night drinking, dancing, and enjoying each other’s company. Finally we came to the first kiss. When our lips locked I swear the passion was tangible. The feel of his handLate Night slowing creeping up my bare thigh sent shivers down my spine. I couldn’t wait to feel his hands find their way around the rest of me. After a long discussion over coffee and lots of flirting, we headed back to his apartment. The moment we stepped through the door we were all over each other. I wrapped my arms around him as we began to kiss; I could feel him getting excited as his body pressed into mine. We made our way to the bedroom and undressed. At this point we had talked many times and we knew that both of us were into some pretty kinky stuff but we had agreed that our first time would be more about making love instead of being another dirty sexual escapade, that didn’t last long. I lay down and wrapped my legs around his waist, I moaned as he kissed my breasts and pushed himself inside of me. Every thrust sent waves of pleasure quaking through my body. After a while we both started to recognize what we really wanted. I got on my hands and knees and let him take me from behind. He immediately took on his role as master. He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my face near his as he thrust inside of me with his hand wrapped around my waist. He smacked my ass and I writhed with pleasure in his lap. I could feel the earth shattering orgasm building up in my body. He grabbed my breasts, kissed my neck, and pushed my upper body down to the bed again. He grabbed my thighs and his thrusts became more powerful and quick. My body was shaking when the orgasm began to wash over me in waves. With a final passionate thrust I felt him finish inside of me. We collapsed into each other and kissed while we cuddled our way into slumber. The first time wasn’t as wild as the ones to follow but the thought of it definitely left me hot and bothered when I left.