Hello friends, Chris Knight here with the latest Hall of Hotties inductee. She has been my hero for the longest time and HughesI feel honored to induct Wonder Woman. This lovely ladies first appearance was in All Star Comics # 8 in December 1941. She was created by one William Moultan Marstanwhom, also the inventor of the lie detector machine, hence the magic lasso. Diana of Themyscira was given life by the Gods of Olympus after her mother Queen Hippolyte of the Amazons molded a baby out of clay from the shores of Paradise Island. She developed her skills under the guidance of her sister Artemis who taught her swordsmanship and battle strategy. Diana earned the golden lasso and spacial bracelets after she entered the Amazonian contest to determine who would be the Ambassador to America and also earn the right to escort Steve Trevor home to America. The name Wonder Woman was given to her by the AmWonder-Woman-lynda-carter-34325167-915-1160ericans, Diana never really took to it. If you want to know more about this amazonian princess, check out The New Adventures Of Wonder Woman starring Lynda Carter. DC’s new 52 Wonder Woman comic book and the animated movie that starred Keri Russel and Nathan Fillion. Wonder Woman is a timeless beautiful heroine, whose values are just as current today as they were in 1941. Her strength and beauty will keep empowering women for years to come. This is why I have chosen her for The Hall Hotties.