“NO! Deep Thought! You’re not answering my question?!  What is the meaning of the Buzzkill basement?”  I angrily pound into the keyboard.  The white text blares at me as Deep Thought whirls and hums a response.  Finally its message appears, “Do you want to go on a quest?”  I begin to type again, but something has been wiggling in the back of mind.  I hope it’s not the eggs of some terrible creature beginning to hatch.  The TV screen flashes on and beckons me with its blue light.  Like a moth to the flame I’m drawn.  Oh yeah… a movie review that’s what the meaning of the Buzzkill basement is.

Ah, nothing screams romance like blood, guts, and brains; but that is exactly what “Warm Bodies” gives their audience.  Stuck in a culture where society romanticizes vampires and werewolves; finally, zombies have been given their due.  “Warm Bodies” stars: Nicholas Hult, Teresa Palmer, and Rob Corddry.

It is post-zombie apocalypse and humankind has holed up into a fortress city in attempts to remain safe.  “Corpses” (zombies with flesh) and “Bonies” (skeletons), have decided to relocate to an abandoned airport and venture occasionally (albeit slowly) into the city to feed.  It is here we meet our awkward and confused protagonist who believes his name starts with “R” (Hult).   “R” has a best friend (Corddry) among this “corpse” refuge that he gazes awkwardly at and groans/grunts small chit chat, however they occasionally are able to articulate words like “eat” and “city.”  The city happens to be where “R” meets the love of his life, Julie (Palmer); that is of course after he eats her boyfriend.  Propelled by love these two star-crossed lovers set off a chain of reaction that will rock human and zombie world alike.

Personally, I am a sucker for zombie movies.  You throw in a zombie and I will at least give it a couple of stars for effort.  “Warm Bodies” is the first zombie romance I have seen since “My Boyfriends Back” and that was cheesetacular!  “Warm Bodies” however, sells a realistic romance where a human could fall in love with a rotting corpse in a graceful but humorous plot.  However, (without giving away too many spoilers) many questions are left unanswered in the end. Like, how does a zombie recover from HUGE gaping injuries that accrued during their transformation into zombiehood?  Or what does a zombie eat when it is in recovery?  Perhaps the movie ran out of time or maybe they just left it up to the viewers to decide.  Either way “Warm Bodies” is definitely worth the gander.

I could use some zombie romance.  Heck anything!  I’ll snuggle up to Deep Thought, it loves me. “Do you want to go on a quest?” Deep Thought asks me again.  I type in “Yes” and it reboots. :: (sigh)

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ED Wilson

E.D. Wilson is a wandering spirit. She has traveled across our good nation, jumped the pond to hobnob with our distant relatives once or twice, and then got bored and relaxed with the islanders in Hawaii, where she had an epiphany; it was time to quit procrastinating and go back to school. Like most things in life, she submersed herself, dug in amongst her laptop and books, and remained there for two years. Finally, after graduating in 2012, she has emerged again among the rest of civilization. Wider, brighter, and full of Graphic Design knowledge that remains somewhat useless without a job, she dusts herself off and has a look around; and she realizes she has missed much entertainment. Like, what the heck is “Inception”, who are “X-Men, First Class” (do they have classes, I thought they were an anarcho-syndicalist commune?), and why did they make another “Pirates of Caribbean?” So my friends, as a favor to a friend, and a desperate need to live “Mystery Science Theatre 3000” she has locked herself in front of several movies, and vows to review the good, the bad, and the ugly.