We are proud to announce that for the entire month of October, The Buzz Kill Blog will be going pink to help get out the word about Breast Cancer Awareness. We are going to be posting articles all month-long with a breast cancer theme. Retro Music Videos, which will be from women who have battled and survived breast cancer. We are going to have breast cancer statistics but that doesn’t mean it is going to take away all of our normal hijinks as well. We will be having new episodes of The Buzz Kill Live. We will see a few new lip sync videos that our woman powered based. We are also going to be announcing the newest Buzz Kill Contest. This is going to be a very special month, and we hope that you are to join us for all the fun hijinks.

First off, The Buzz Kill Blog Store is offering something special right now, We are offering our Breast Cancer Shirts for the low price Pink Ad Blog Storeof 15 dollars. All the proceeds from these shirts will be going to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure. We are also selling beer mugs for 25 this year as well and new pink products will be going up all month-long. We hope that you purchase one of our Buzz Kill Shirts and help us save some boobies. Click the photo and head on over to the store right now and buy one of our awesome breast cancer merchandise.