The mission to get the word out about saving boobs continues. If you have not guessed this month we have made the Retro Music Videos all about breast cancer awareness. If you would like to help the fight against breast cancer head on over to one of our two stores showed on the right side of the page. We will be donating the money we make this month to Susan G Komen and The American Cancer Society. We hope that our little bit can aid in finding a cure.

I remember watching the first few seasons of American Idol and wondering if I ever had the chance to make it to Hollywood. Chances are that I wouldn’t. I have a voice that wakes the living dead. I can’t sing and I know that but there is one thing I hated about that show. I wish the people who had no business up there singing would not sing songs that were actually good. I can’t listen to Fallen by Alicia Keys without wanting to stab a kitten. One of those songs that were completely butchered was sung by a victim of breast cancer. How many of you know who Dusty Springfield is? She was an English pop singer that had many hits and was an icon to many. She passed away after a battle with breast cancer in 1999. The song she was best known for is going to get you up off your feet and dancing in a fun way. I think the only one who could ever reach any of us was the Son of a Preacher Man.