The mother that is going to be handing out letters to trick or treaters this Halloween that she deems to be morbidly obese, I have one thing to say……. WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!

8C9532816-2417481-halloween-letter.blocks_desktop_mediumI remember being a kid around this time of the year. The most exciting thing for me was being able to go out and trick or treat. I was a fat kid and I was proud that I could truffle shuffle with the best of them. I am not going to lie. I was excited to get home after a night on ringing on doorbells of complete strangers, and open up a bite size candy bar. That was the good life, A miniature Twix and Charlie Brown waiting for the Great Pumpkin. This is a tradition that is still carried on by small people all across the country every year. However, one wonderful lady, and I use that term loosely, in Fargo, North Dakota is wanting to hand out letters to children she deems as fat. I want to know what her criteria for knowing if a child is fat or not. Is she going to have a scale sitting outside her house and each kid have to weigh themselves before she hands them a letter or a broccoli floret. This is a damn joke. I am guessing after she hands them this letter, she will open a door and the chubby child will be sucked into a tube ala the fat kid who gets sucked into the pipe in Willy Wonka. Maybe this so called mother wouldn’t have a problem if her house wasn’t made of candy. If a woman hands you a letter that your kid is fat and her house is made of candy, chances are she is going to try to eat your child. If you have read this letter that is going to cause children to have eating disorders for years to come, your intelligence will drop at least 5%. As you can see this crazy woman said that it takes a village to raise a child. Well, each village has an idiot and you lady are that idiot.