And now we present a very special PSA entitled:  FIDELITY, AND THE LACK THERE OF

I would like to address a very important subject, infidelity. I feel that when you have a relationship with someone, whether it is a committed relationship, a friendship, or what have you, you have certain responsibilities to that person. You have to feel a sense of faithfulness to that person and expect the same from them. This means not going outside of the boundaries of a friendship, not cheating on your partner, and not even entertaining the notion of doing so. Furthermore, should either of you defy that faithfulness or do something to cause the other emotional distress, well frankly you should grow a pair and own up to your mistakes. To err is human nature and that’s fine, but if you fuck up you are responsible for admitting to your error and making amends. To add another point to this, when two people make a commitment to each other to be together there isn’t a single other fucking person on earth that has any right to put their self in the middle of that situation. If the people are happy, there is definitely no one that has a right to try to interrupt their happiness. In fact, I don’t give a shit if the people hate one another; no one has a right to jump into the middle of their situation while they’re still choosing to be in it.  So folks, in closing, if you’re in one of these fucked up situations where you’re doing something wrong. Grow a pair, set it right, because karma is always a bitch.