This is the debut of a new article for The Buzz Kill that is going to be a weekly edition. I know we are all watching the news or have been reading an article that left us wondering if humanity will even have a fighting chance in the coming years. This is our chance to talk about all that is stupid. This is the debut of Dumb Ass of The Week.

MemphisI feel like we have all been there. We are driving and making wonderful time in the route of our destination. All of a sudden there is a guy in an orange vest who is a city employee holding a sign that says stop. Road work is a royal pain in the ass. It takes a long time to drive in one lane and knowing the luck of some of us, we are going to be stuck behind the one truck that is full of logs. The logs are not tied down. The fear of a log coming through the windshield and taking out the venti pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks that is sitting in your cup holder is what is really on your mind. Say that actually plays out. Your day is ruined. Who gives a fuck about your car being totaled and not being able to make in to work on time? You are not going to be able to drink that $5 of heaven in a cup. We know road work is not the easiest job but the city of Memphis made it look like a very lazy job. This week’s Dumb Ass are the road workers of the city of Memphis who were painting lines on the road but instead of moving a pile of leaves, they just painted over it. I have to say I love to cut corners when doing a job but dear god, this is just plain bad. I could make jokes all day long but the picture does it enough justice. Next time they do a job, maybe they will paint within the lines. It looks like I painted the road and I have the artistic ability of Helen Keller. Hang your head with pride Memphis Road Crews, you get to be the First in many of Dumbasses to come.