Our relationship was long distance, so it was weeks before I saw my lover again. I was disappointed to go without the sensation of his touch but it gave us time to discuss our limitations and fantasies before our next sexual encounter. Turns out we were a little shy on the limitations and bountiful in fantasies.

Late NightFor weeks I thought constantly about the things I could do with him, the new boundaries I could cross that were previously untouchable. Every time we had a conversation, a new fantasy came to light. I spent every waking moment anticipating our next encounter.

Then finally it was time. He came to town and this time, we were prepared. We went to a sex shop and stocked up. All the kinkiest toys you could fathom a use for. Then it was time for the hotel room. We rented a room and got to business.

My job as his slave was to make my master happy no matter what. So the moment I crossed the threshold of the room I dropped to my knees and bowed my head to my master awaiting his commands. He dropped his pants to the floor and thrust his hard member into my throat. Pumping mercilessly, deeper and deeper with every stroke. Then he grabbed me up by my hair and told me to cover my slutty body in the costume he picked for me. I slipped into the bathroom and shimmied into my costume. I pulled my thigh highs up and secured them into my garter belt. Then slipped on the revealing little skirt and button up shirt and tie combo and came back to my master’s side.

He looked me up and down approvingly then bent me over and spanked me with a riding crop. After I took my pre-emptive punishment he leaned forward into my still arched body and starting slowing letting his hands find their way around every inch of me. I quivered at the sensation of his touch. It was all I could do to hold back from my body trying to give in to the pleasure I felt.

He pushed me into the bed and ripped my panties off. Holding my arms behind my back he pushed himself inside of me. I moaned and screamed as my master worked his hips behind me. He pulled me up by my shoulders and secured a ball gag in my mouth, then pushed me back onto all fours. He commanded me to stay in that position until he was done with me.

5528287589_c8c57033e2_bHe walked off and returned with a rope and blindfold and one more surprise which he kept behind his back. He laid me down flat on the bed face in the pillow and tied me to the bed posts then slipped the blindfold over my eyes; I soon afterwards received my surprise.

I heard the pop of a bottle of a lubricant opening and then felt the largest of the items we purchased being pushed into my tight ass. I attempted to scream with agonizing pleasure with my lips still wrapped around the ball gag. I barely had time to do so be I felt the familiar pressure of my master’s hips behind me and his cock inside of me. Before then, I had never experienced having all my holes filled like that. I shook with orgasm after orgasm as I experienced this new world of pleasure until finally I felt my masters hot cum flowing into me.

After he was done, he grabbed me by my waist and slowly kissed every inch of me. He untied the ropes, removed the apparatuses and collapsed next to me. We spent the next hour panting and admiring each other’s bodies before we finally gave in to sleep.