It is that time of the year again. The parade has come to a close which means people all over the country are burning themselves trying to get a bird out of the oven. Damn! How is it that we can fry chicken and not hurt ourselves but we start to cook a turkey and it looks like we have been through the fourth corridor of Hell? Speaking of a bird that taste great with bacon on it, I am not lying when I am going to tell you this put bacon on your turkey and you will have some juicy breast. How many different lead ins can we actually have here? Speaking of nice juicy breasts, you never want to spend Thanksgiving by yourself. Spending a holiday all alone is heartbreaking and a tad bit sad but there is one way you do not need to try. Today, we are bringing you a very serious report on the dangers of a plague that is sweeping the country. Tryptophan is being used as a date rape drug. So when you are out drinking with your friends this holiday season remember to watch out for the turkey leg in your drink or you could be taking a very foggy walk of shame.