I had to say growing up in the 90s was awesome. I remember my parents pretty much letting me watch whatever I wanted without an argument. I was able to watch such shows as Married with Children and The Golden Girls. As a kid, I had no clue what any of the jokes actually said in these shows meant. I have to say going back and watching these as an adult, it has led me to two conclusions. The first conclusion that I came up with was, my parents had to be the two most easy going people in the world.  I am guessing that they thought I would never utter the phrases that were being said on the television. Little did they know as an adult that would not be the case, as I have said things that would Bea Arthur blush. The second thing that came into my mind, my parent didn’t get the jokes at the time either. Maybe, they were over their heads and not realizing what they were letting me watch would shape the very core of my sex life. One thing that made no sense to me at all, they would let me watch the shows that were mentioned earlier but if The Simpsons came on, that station would be changed as fast as underwear after a meal from Taco Bell.

Mayim-BialikI think growing up in this time; the early 90s became a place where I could cut my teeth on crushes. The first time I laid my eyes on Shania Twain, I knew she was going to be wife #30. I had hopes that my commune would already be in place with her being my keystone. That sounded a little weird. The things I would have done that to woman would have made Dorian Gray wear a paper sack over his head in shame. I started developing my crushes on women at this time that I knew I had no chance at. NBC, started airing a show in 1991 that would change my pre-pubescent self forever. I remember seeing the preview for this show and thinking this woman is going to be wife number 1. The piano theme would start and a smile would come over my face. The show I am talking about is a classic. Blossom was one of my favorite shows and getting to induct one of my first crushes into the Hall of Hotties is plain sweet.

Mayim Bialik is a 37 year old actress from the sunny city of San Diego, California. I thought up until a few years ago she was better known as the girl who played Blossom. She played a teenage girl who was dealing with life situations and living with a single father and her two brothers. WHOA. I think throwing in the cheap reference was completely worth it. The show was coming to an end, when Bialik decided to further her education by going to UCLA. She was smart enough to get into Harvard and Yale as well. A woman who is hot and has brains, is this not a deadly combination? She was able to get her PhD in Neuroscience. A degree that would serve this 37 year old mother of two but not in the way you are thinking.

1359412427_mayim-bialik-467Mayim was able to get roles here and there over the years but it would not be until she found a place in the cast of The Big Bang Theory that her career would be rejuvenated. She plays the lovable sexaholic Amy Farrah Fowler. I am not even going to lie, there are things that I would do to those child bearing hips. I feel that I need to apologize to my wife for this next statement. If Amy Farrah Fowler showed up at my doorstep begging me for Coitus, I would be splitting her legs like an atom.  She plays exactly what she is in real life, A Scientist.

I think the Hall of Hotties needed to get it’s nerd on. We would like to welcome Mayim into the Hall Of Hotties. Mayim, I know you are newly single but if you are reading this, is there any way that I could dress up like Six and recreate the opening theme to Blossom. I know that it’s not really sexual to you reading this but to me, it is a kinky fantasy.