As everyone has surely heard this week is Doctor Who week around here at The Buzz Kill HQ. I recently just got into this show thanks to my wife and some of my friends. I have to say that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I will talk about that in great detail during the debut of nerdgasam. However, watching the past versions along with the current version of Doctor Who, I have learned something that is very valuable. The Doctor must never travel alone. Anyone who has ever seen an episode of the show that the TARDIS is much bigger on the inside. It makes me wonder what one can actually do in the TARDIS by themselves. This really got me thinking. Since the shows reboot in 2005, The Doctor has had a lot of eye candy joining him in his journeys through space and time. In this edition of the Hall of Hotties, we are not going to induct just one of his companions but we are going to induct the 5 main companions that have joined The Doctor since 2005.

rose-tyler-doctor-who-for-whovians-28291458-1024-768I think there is only one place that all of this hotness can start. The woman that stole the Doctor’s two hearts. The one and only, Rose Tyler. Rose’s journey with the Doctor started with the ninth Doctor as she was in the first episode of the reboot of the series. Rose would end up being a catalyst to how the first series of the new era would end, when she gained all the power of the TARDIS. Taking in all that power can be way too much for one person. This would be a moment that would be shared in television history. To retrieve all the power that had consumed Rose, the Ninth Doctor kissed her, thus taking all the power of the time vortex through his body. Rose was present when the ninth doctor would regenerate into the tenth. This is when the screen would heat up with romance that could not be stopped. Rose Tyler was beginning to develop feelings for the doctor when she was traveling with the ninth, however, those feelings grew. Ultimately, leading to one of the toughest episodes in Who history. The Doctor had to say goodbye to his loved one by leaving her in a parallel universe. The scene was hard enough to watch but the statement uttered by the tenth doctor is something that all men should do to the women they love. “I am burning up the sun just to say goodbye.” A moment that did stop time and space for most watchers. It seemed that Rose was going to have the unhappy ending. Well, you would be mistaken. Rose ends up with her love, but not in the way you think. If you think I am going to give all of this away, Spoilers sweetie. Just watch the show yourself.  Rose Tyler I can honestly say, I know one bad wolf that could make this bad wolf howl! Is that foreshadowing?

martha-jones-freema-agyemanI don’t know about any of you but accents are really sexy. I feel that it adds a certain mystique to a person that one would not necessarily get if you just heard something plain Jane. There is something about that British accent that really gets my blood boiling and that is why coming in next in this induction is Martha Jones. She becomes the companion to the tenth doctor in season three. She has feelings for the doctor but he quickly shoots her down. I may not be a time lord but I know I wouldn’t have done that. She is studying to become a Doctor herself when all of a sudden her hospital is mysteriously transported to the surface of the moon out of nowhere. I have to say if that were to happen to me, a nice trickle of urine would be going down my leg. Martha Jones got to see the more vengeful side of the doctor as he was still mourning the loss of his true love. That didn’t stop Martha at all. She continued to travel along the man in the blue box and helped him defeat one of his toughest foes in The Master. Martha was just plain awesome. She was the kind girl next door, who would help anyone. I think I could use a doctor stat.


Donna-Noble-doctor-who-for-whovians-28290049-1024-768I think at some point each hero needs a sidekick with a little bit of humor. In the case of Doctor Who it was usually the Doctor that was being the witty one but not so much with the third companion on the list. I find a sense of humor in a woman to be one of the sexiest qualities that one can have. She may not be the best looking but Donna Noble has been just fun. She was the best friend to the tenth doctor after he faced the loss of his one true love.  Donna was first seen in season 3 after she was sucked up from her wedding into the TARDIS but little did we know we would see her again. As season 4 began right in the thick of it was Donna. The first time the two reunited it was a moment that had me in stitches. The two played very well off each other and were constantly being confused as a married couple. I feel that they had the same look on their face as if you show up to a dance with your sister and people think you are together. Donna saved the Oods and became a time lord, even if it was for a short while herself. Her sarcasm and wit went with the tenth doctor better than anyone. I will say this, I would gladly let Donna Noble be mean to be for one reason, I at least know I would laugh and get to look at the stars with an awesome Grandpa.


Season 5, the eleventh doctor was taking over and it was time for the TARDIS to have someone new riding shotgun. He landed in the yard of a seven year old girl. At the time, the new Doctor had no idea who he had met, but if it was any indication by the previous companions, he was going to be in for a long ride. He promised the young girl whose name was Amy Pond that he would be back in 5 minutes. When the doctor returned, he did make it to the same place but only to find that the seven year old girl had grown up to be a woman and a hot woman at that. Look, if I am to break into someone’s house with a sonic screwdriver and get whacked by a woman in a police uniform (the sexy British kind) in the head with a cricket bat, I would be able to die a happy man. Amy became the Doctor’s companion, on the night of her wedding. Amy was taken but a guy can still dream. I have to say most of the Hall of Hottie inductions that we have had, it was has been easy to make a dirty joke about the inductee but this time it is not. Her husband Rory waited 2000 years to be with her. He is the guy that all of wish that we could be. Amy was in love with him and nothing could destroy that, not even death. If one thing is true in the Whoniverse, love will always win. Amy deserves to be in Hall of Hotties for just the way that she and Rory’s story ended. Spoilers’ sweetie. Can’t give away everything. I can’t compete with Rory. Plus any dirty joke I may end up getting my arse kicked by Amy.


Finally, that brings us to the woman that intrigued the Doctor. The woman that confuses the Doctor as to who or what she actually was. A woman that baked a soufflé inside the armor of a Dalek or maybe the woman who took care of the kids in the 1800s or maybe the woman will single handed do everything she can to protect the…….. I have to watch myself with the spoilers. Clara Oswin Oswald. Out of all the companions that has been on the run of the new reboot, she has stolen my heart. She is the girl next door and is willing to do what she can for the doctor. If you want the perfect companion and a little sexy too she is it. In one moment, something happens that will change your entire future for the rest of your life, Clara is that one moment. The Doctor was dealing with something tragic and who brought him back from being in the depths of his own sadness, Clara. She will be accompanying the eleventh doctor in the 50th Anniversary special that airs this Saturday. Her story is far from done but her induction is for now. Clara, (the worst joke of all the inductions coming in 5…. 4…. 3….. 2…. 1….) you make my pants just like the TARDIS, smaller on the outside.


5 beautiful companions. I have learned one thing. It is good to be the Doctor.