Something has happened to Deep Thought.  Apparently, you cannot force a computer to love you or for that matter snuggle with you.  It has begun to smoke and spark and I have been forced to unplug it for fear of start of starting a fire and dying of smoke inhalation.  Meanwhile, I’ve been stuck discussing my woes to a mop.  She doesn’t understand me.  Occasionally, she has the audacity of playing dead and ignoring me. Fortunately, for her I’ll ignore her while I watch the TV.
If you ever wBranded41651651561568889999777ondered, what an Indian Marketing student tripped out on ‘shrooms while studying Logo Design and Company Branding would dream about, “Branded” would be such a scenario.  “Branded” staring Ed Stoppard, Leelee Sobieski, Jeffrey Tambor, and Max von Sydow.
Misha (Stoppard), a Russian/English Historian is unique.  He has the power to market anything to his audience.  However, it is through a bizarre ritual, instructed to Misha from force beyond, which gives Misha the sight to see brands as living entities.  The strange psychotropic creatures manipulate our desires into wanting useless drivel.  Disgusted, Misha vowels to destroy advertising and doing so destroy the “brands.”
“Branded” is an original story.  The pacing and plot seem to meander at times, but the over-all story is good.  “Branded” asks the question do you wear a brand or does the brand wear you?  It’s a thought provoking question and answered in a fantastical altered reality that may have you second-guessing your own impulses.
Man?!  Has those paint buckets spilled again.  I could have sworn that movie was 3-D.  “What do you think Mop?”
“Well, Ed…it could be cabin fever.  Hallucinations are a common symptom.”
“Really? I didn’t know that.”
“Well, the more you know…the more you grow,” she says clattering to the floor once again.