Welcome to the debut of a new feature article, Nerdgasm. Nerdgasm is going to be a forum for all the writers here at The Buzz Kill and even some of our readers to Nerd out about something in the world of entertainment.  It really doesn’t matter if it is on the small screen or the big screen, maybe it is an album that will get the blood pumping, or a book you just can’t put down, maybe hours of your life are spent owning some noobs online.  It doesn’t matter the platform, all that matters is that you get to share your passion for something and maybe get one person hooked to something.

I think that most of the people that have followed this site know that I am a television buff. For those that are new to joining us, I am a whore for the small screen. There is just something special about getting with a group of people or your family and watch something that will make everyone happy. Fans of television shows are some of the most passionate people you can find in the world of nerdom. Take Firefly for an example. Fox decides to cancel this show and through the sale of DVDs and word of mouth a movie was made a few years later. The Browncoats are gaining new members as the days continue.  Today, I am going to Nerd out over a show that has brought out a lot of emotion in me.

Doctor-Who-Wallpaper-12Last May, my favorite show in television land came to an end. The Office ended after a nine season run. The same can be said this year for How I Met Your Mother.  I knew that I needed a new show that I could sink my teeth into. I needed to find a show that could fill the void that was missing out of my TV life. About 4 months ago, I was talking to the woman I married and she was telling me about her love for a certain Sci fi show. I have become very weary of the Sci fi genre. I think this has a lot to do with the newly formed SYFY network. I think their originals are not that good so getting into a science fiction shows that was not Supernatural or Firefly was going to be difficult. She proceeded to tell me about Doctor Who. At this point in my life, I had seen two episodes of Doctor Who and I have to tell you, trying to watch an episode in the middle of a season will leave you as confused as a Captain Jack Harkness in an orgy. I knew that he was a time traveler and that was the extent of my knowledge. I had no clue how new actors took the role of the doctor. I think being an outsider to the show gave me a weird look upon it. Not a negative look but one of doubt. I never thought I would become a fan.

The day finally came that I would try watching Doctor Who from episode one of the reboot. That was the day that my television life changed forever. I remember watching the first episode and thinking to me that this was a weird show but the writing and acting was amazing. I kept watching and after completely catching up with the 7 series that are out there, I want more. I feel like a drug addict with this show. I am ready to see what the next episode has in store for me. To tell you how awesome this show is, I now own a sonic screwdriver and will be going to see The Day of The Doctor in theaters.  I think the writing is one thing that makes the show special but something else made me take notice.

50th_iconic_wallpaper_16x9I feel that television was meant to bring people together no matter what the cause. I think the people that you around the most are your family. Shows that are made for the entire family to sit and watch together are hard to find. I feel that the idea of the family show has become a joke to the average television network. However, if you as a parent are looking for a show that you can watch with the family, Doctor Who is that show. The show has everything for the entire family. The Dad of the family will be pleased with all the action. The Mom of the family will be excited by the love stories that come across in the world of Who and for the little ones the over the top larger than life characters.

I beg that if you have not checked out Doctor Who yet, Igo to your Netflix account (do not lie!!! You have a Netflix account.) and watch one episode. Chances are that you will be hooked from the first moment. Once you have finished every episode and chances are that you will, the next step is to be rocking a pair of TARDIS socks and carrying around a Sonic Screwdriver. I may or may be doing that as I type this.

If you have something that you are nerding out over, let us know.