That’s just rude

I know that a lot of people today have a problem with trying to be politically correct, but frankly I don’t see why it’s such an issue. It should be common sense to the general public to be courteous and respectful. I’m not saying the job of protecting people from offensive statements is a pursuit that should be taken up by me or anyone else for that matter. But we should be intelligent enough as a populous to know better than to dress as the victim of a heinous crime or a hate filled leader for Halloween. There is nothing funny or clever about that.

She SaidWe should be allowed to state our opinions about things, but I feel that the opposing sides of an argument should do so in a way that is mutually respectful. It seems to me that at times people attempt to be as rude and disrespectful as possible to others. People flippantly use terms that are derogatory to an entire group of people because they think they’re funny. I don’t see the need to use these words in any context, much less everyday conversation.

I agree with the fact that if you don’t like someone’s opinion that they put out in writing or what they’re saying in a conversation you don’t have to subject yourself to it but sometimes these things are forced into conversations. I shouldn’t have to hear how much some narrow minded person hates a different race simply because I chose to visit a public place. I wouldn’t subject that person to my feelings on things that they disagree with or call them something derogatory simply because I don’t feel the same way they do about things and I expect people in general to extend the same courtesy to others.

In closure, sometimes the level that people take political correctness to can be out of hand but perhaps it’s because those people realize it should be common fucking sense.