We are all in love with a good crossover between television shows. One of our favorite characters gets to meet another one of our favorite characters and our heads explode like in Scanners. In this edition of The 7s we are going to continue the theme of Doctor Who that has been going on all week in celebration of 50 years. The Doctor has met a cast of historical figures the likes of which would make any history buff green with envy. So this got me to thinking about who would I like to see the Doctor meet? I was thinking about other historical figures but thought that was too easy. Instead, I thought who in the fictional world the Doctor could meet. The top 7 fictional character that would be fun to watch the Doctor meet. As I comprised this list, the first and obvious answer would be someone from Star Trek or Star Wars. Again seems too easy, I would feel as if I was cheating off the valedictorian in an elementary math class. Some of these characters are obscure and not people that would come to your mind first, while others will make you smile from just thinking about it.

Let us start with the characters coming in at #7.

Sam-Dean-supernatural-16744488-1280-800#7. When I think of The Doctor, the first thing that comes to mind is aliens. This time lord has had his fair share of battles with the Daleks and the Cybermen, it leaves you wondering what else could be out there for the time traveling doctor. Maybe a little bit of the paranormal. Coming in at number 7 are Sam and Dean Winchester from the hit show Supernatural. I think the meeting with Sam would relatively smooth as they try to figure out the concept of the weeping angel. However, the problem in this equation would be with Dean. I understand Dean to be more of a hard ass and is not as friendly at times. It’s hard to get this person to smile so I do not think a guy wearing a fez and a bow tie can stand a demons chance on earth of getting along with Dean. Dean is going to look down upon him the entire time, and doesn’t listen but isn’t that what Dean does most of the time. I will say that the three of them on the screen would make for an interesting story to say the least.


4037.gif#6. There is a lot more to Doctor Who than a lot people realize. I think science has to play a huge part when trying to get through the world of The Doctor. With that being said there is one scientist out there that would sit and argue with The Doctor that time travel is not real and that what he is doing is just smoke and mirrors. Doctor have you met Temperance Brennan aka Bones? I think the two of them just going back and forth over what is right and what is wrong would be worth at least 72 hours of straight watching. Someone tell Steven Moffat to make this one happen. Brennan is a paleontologist who really doesn’t believe in anything that she can’t explain. Trust me here, trying to tell the Doctor that what he is saying about the TARDIS is nothing more than a bunch of lies. I have a feeling the Doctor would leave her with a Dalek before it is over. Maybe she can destroy all of them as well?!


psy1#5. The one thing that I have learned about the Doctor is that he has to put clues together and solve a mystery once and awhile. I know what you are thinking. Sherlock Holmes, well that was an easy one to guess. Well, you are wrong and I hope that you will forget that you are wrong (cue the silence) now that you don’t remember your blunder, I will try again. A fake psychic detective, a pharmaceutical salesman and a time traveler get together to solve a murder that takes place over space and time, you have the makings for the men at number #5, Shawn Spencer and Burton Guster. If you have ever seen the hit USA show Psych, then you are familiar with these two. The sarcastic witty comeback that Shawn and the Doctor would have towards each other would make any show become greatly better. I think the two minds working together would be able to solve a ton of mysteries and be willing to piss off a lot of people at the same time.


BernardBlack#4. The Doctor is very fond of reading. He will get so involved in a story that he never wants to actually finish it. He will rip the last page so that way it never has to end. If you have seen series 7, you know that the Doctor has a very extensive library in the TARDIS. I believe that there is one person that would never be allowed around these books, scratch that, even around the TARDIS, Bernard Black from the britcom Black Books. If you have not seen Black Books, you can find all three seasons on Netflix. Bernard is a very hateful, very drunk, sarcastic, pompous, asshole and damn it, I love it. Seeing him with the Doctor would be something that we have never seen before. Have you ever seen the Doctor ask a companion to leave the TARDIS and they just look at him and say no? Bernard would do just that and his excuses would be drinking a nice bottle of wind and passing out somewhere in the TARDIS. Bernard, could wake up from one of his drunken nights, to see a different Doctor. The only downside it was his fourth Regeneration.


9_6_box#3. The Doctor likes to think he makes everything look cool especially terrible looking hats. The fez is not cool. Who am I kidding, the fez is awesome. Does that mean I have terrible taste in clothing? Another hat that the Doctor thought was cool was the cowboy hat. I am not stating my opinion out of fear. At this meeting he would have to bring his cowboy hat and try to figure out where three orbs are located. The man filling the number 3 slot is Brisco County JR. The Adventures of Brisco County JR. Ran for one season on the Fox network before being axed and replaced with what I am assuming is a show that lasted half of that. Brsico was a bounty hunter in the Wild West with some futuristic devices leading me to believe that if The Doctor were to have shown up in his neck of the woods that a bounty would be placed on the alien with two hearts. I think by the end of the meeting the two would become really good friends and take down John Bly. The doctor could use the Sonic Screwdriver to find the locations of the orbs. It would be a perfect way for Brisco to get revenge for his father’s death and the Doctor to save the planet once again.


sheldon-cooper#2. Anyone who enters the TARDIS makes the comment that it’s bigger on the inside. A sentiment shared from companions from the start of the show. Say, the Doctor was to land the TARDIS in Pasadena California. He was to land on the fourth floor of an apartment complex. Say the number of the apartment was 4A. The Doctor steps out of the TARDIS only to be greeted by a man wearing a Green Lantern shirt and eating pizza because it is Thursday. Have you ever heard the phrase, “he would be a like a kid in a candy store?” I am guessing this would the reaction that Sheldon Cooper would have. I think comparing it to anything would be child asking their parents for a toy in the Wal Mart. However, Sheldon wouldn’t want to see the people he looked up to or really an extensive amount into the future. I think he would want to see his own time, to see what he can create. Maybe that Dogapuss is in our future after all. Side bet on how many times the Doctor has to say no to Sheldon. My guess is that it would be too much work to count, I do not think there are enough hands in feet in the world for that.


And the character coming in at number 1

coat01#1. The Doctor has this policy of not using a gun. He feels that any situation has a better solution to work out than to use violence. The character coming in at #1 has a very interesting motto to live his life by. He told his would be wife this and the advice ring out true. “Someone ever tries to kill you, you try to kill ‘EM right back.” Anybody who enjoys the finer nerd items head might have just exploded. The captain of Serenity, Malcolm Reynolds. If you ever wanted to see two entities butt heads like never before stick these two in a room together for an hour and see what happens. I don’t think anybody would be safe from the carnage that the two of these men could do. Mal takes shit off of nobody and remember the Doctor has a temper and is not pretty. The most stubborn men in the universe under one roof. The Doctor on serenity. I know you just got chills.

That wraps up this edition of The 7s. If you think I left someone out or come up with one on your own leave a comment.