Hello again readers! I apologize for the lull in my articles, I have been busy with work as well as life in general. Enough with the depressing apologies, lets get to the meat of this article.

barney-stinson-woo-girlI know a lot of you guys and girls have a very lively nightlife, you hit the bars and clubs with your friends looking for a night of fun. For some of you that may mean dancing and drinking with your friends and not caring how much of an idiot you are. For others of you it means going and looking for a hook up and night of passion.

Before I go any further let me say that I don’t think any less of the people that go to a club looking specifically to get laid, more power to you get out there and have some great and shitty experiences. Admittedly though there is a lot of people that try to damn hard to get noticed and it gets worse when you drunker than hell.

Now, What Really Gets My Goat are these “Wooo!” girls, you know the ones I am talking about. The girls that take a shot and shout Woooo! And they dress like a slut. These are the girls that think any and everything is sexy, the drunker they get the more they find sexy. I have known a couple girls like this but have experienced these girls not so hard at work in the club.

These same girls are also the ones that are on the front lines shouting, “We just want a guy to accept us and respect us!” News flash ladies, as long as you act that way the only acceptance and respect you’re gonna get is for being a slutty tramp. Well I suppose you are respected as an extremely easily obtained piece of ass as well.

000byshtIf you get turned on because you meet a guy in the club and he says he has a car, tats, or even breathes then you gonna get one night of pleasure and be sent on your way. Truth be told you probably won’t even remember it the next morning.

These “Wooo!” girls make me sick when they speak with their idiot reasoning like, “Oh my god, you have a car. We should totally fuck.” Or ” your tattoos are so sexy, wanna sleep with me?” Now I know that seems like a damned exaggeration but I have seen and heard those sentences spoken.

Heads up ladies, I’m gonna give you some spoilers. It doesn’t make you more attractive or desirable, it makes you fucking stupid and easy. Speaking from a guy’s viewpoint I gotta say if we just want to hit it and quit it you are the ones for us. Guys that do hit it and quit it isn’t necessarily a bad person but if it is easy to obtain, guess what it shall be conquered and we won’t feel like shit the next morning when we slip out when you’re sleeping away. Sure we feel some degree of humility for using a girl for just sex but that’s what they wanted, but you Woooo! The girl will feel like a slutty hung over failure until you go out and repeat later that night.


The following rules are to help you identify and hopefully avoid Wooo! Girls. Unless of course that is what you want.

Rules for identifying a Woooo girl

1. They usually hunt in packs (a group of 3 or more friends)

2. They usually have brightly colored or seductive colored second skins (wearing clothes that appear to be colored shrink wrap)

3. Obnoxious accentuating of the breasts and ass

4. Extremely flirtatious, almost valley girl, tone when speaking

5. Attribute ordinary everyday things like cars or tattoos to a fantastic reason to have sex

6. More anxious to get their clothes off than the person they have targeted

7. Constant bitching about never finding the right person and only being viewed as a piece of ass.


Until next time reader’s stay vigilant. Garebear out