It has been a long time since a What If, has been seen by the writers. In celebration of the Doctor Who 50th Celebration, we thought we would bring this back. If you are not familiar with What If, let me explain how this goes. I know we have all talked with friends about What If….. A certain event would happen or happen differently. Today, we are going to do just that. A very special What If just in time for Doctor Who.

What if Captain Jack Harkness was to party with Barney Stinson for one night?

captain_jackBefore I am to answer what would happen, for those who are not familiar with Captain Jack, let me inform you. Captain Jack showed up in Doctor Who series one of the reboot.  Captain Jack was what we thought was a ladies man…. Ok that is true but he is more of every person kind of guy. I guess the best way to describe it, he is an omnisexual. In the Whoniverse that means if it anything has a pulse Captain Jack has possibly hit on it.

We are familiar with Barney Stinson. The man who has to have a suit on and try to be with a woman any chance he got.

Now I want you to think if the two of these individuals were to party in 2005 New York City.

First of all, I am in the belief that panties in the city of New York would be dropping like the ball on New Year’s Eve. I think the two of them would be able to run some of the most epic plays in picking up a woman in the history of man. I want you to think about this one.

Barney-Stinson-barney-stinson-31316015-1920-2560Captain Jack will put on a red hat and instead of his black trench coat, he will put on a red one. He will use vortex manipulator to go back in time. All of a sudden Barney Stinson wears a hideous looking multicolored patched jacket, tries to get a girl to join in solving the age old mystery and run the play, where in time is Carmen Sandiego? Once the girl falls for it, Barney and Captain Jack will tag team her like an 80s professional wrestling match.

Barney walks up to this strapping young lad, Barney is talking to him for a little bit. He finds out that he is a little kinky and is into taking charge with another male. The light bulb above Barney’s head went off. He proceeds to tell the guy that the next guy who happens to appear in front of him will want to answer all of your wildest desires. Captain Jack appears right where Barney Stinson was. He looks at the stud and grabs his hand. This play is called Sitting on the Face of Bo.

The only thing I am sure of is this night would be Legend…. Wait for it….. Dary