What is the most fun thing to do? Well, besides illegal gambling at an underground speakeasy that would be watching television. The small screen gives us a chance to escape the real life. We can run the gauntlet of emotions in just 22 or 44 minutes depending on what kind of shows that you enjoy. That being said the small screen is constantly changing and that is why each week, The Buzz Kill Magazine will bring you the latest in television news, opinions, and reviews with our article Don’t Touch That Dial.

Brian’s song isn’t over!

FGuy_Brian_Gen2012_R3FlatA couple of weeks ago the Fox animated sitcom Family Guy advertised that they were going to kill off one of their main characters to boost the ratings. I think Family Guy fans thought it was going to be the demise of the character Meg but we are all left in shock when the character that was left in the dust was the lovable dog Brian. Brian and Stewie make a strong comedy dream team on the show and give the show the comedy relief more so than the other characters. The show featured Brian getting hit by a car and Stewie not being able to fix his time machine. A setup leaving fans everywhere scratching their heads. Sources from all over the internet are saying that Brian will be returning to the show after a three week hiatus. What is the point of killing off the character if you are only going to bring him back? I understand that in the animated world you can do anything and get away with it. Comic book characters have come back more times than any of us can actually count but does that apply to this situation? Family Guy has not been doing so well in the ratings and they wanted to shake things up a bit. Maybe, Family Guy has run its course in television history. Remember this is one of the few shows that Fox killed and was later brought back due to fan support. Maybe it is time to pull the plug and move in a different direction. Brian’s death may just be the beginning of the end for the show. Only time will be able to tell but the future is not looking good for the animated series. What do you guys and gals think? Is it time to say good bye to the Griffins?


A Cryptic Bite

This past week during the mid-season finale of the Walking Dead a promo aired for a new show but no one actually knew it was a new show. FX has developed a show where a virus has taken over New York City. This time it will not be zombies that will be battling the heroes but instead a vampire virus will be out to get the fine citizens of the big apple. The Strain’s promo left a lot to the imagination and a lot more to wonder what the show is actually about. I think the promo strategy that has been used so far is going to garner a lot of interest in the show but will it be able to make it past four episodes. The reason I bring this up is that the vampire craze seems to be dying out. True Blood is coming to an end, Twilight is over, and can this show be something different that we have never seen from the vampire genre. Watch the cryptic promo and you decide, leave us a comment and let us know what you feel this show is going to do.


Netflix may find its Serenity

fireflyArrested Development was brought back after the fan wanted more by company Netflix. The fans wanted more from the show that was abruptly ended after three seasons thanks to the executives at the Fox Network. Apparently cult followings of a show can make them return, a rumor has been circulating for the last few days that Netflix may try to bring back the cult show Firefly. Netflix CEO has stated that Firefly would be difficult to get back because of the rising popularity of the show’s creator Joss Whedon. However, after a new deal was struck that Netflix would be having four new shows based on the Marvel universe, could it be possible that Joss Whedon may have the platform to bring back the show for all the fans to enjoy. It will be an uphill struggle for Netflix in trying to possibly bring Firefly back. The struggle will be with Nathan Fillion who is already on the hit ABC show Castle. However, being that Disney owns ABC and Marvel, this may not be as much as a problem as it could be in the eyes of many. Alan Tudyk said in an interview in February that he feels a Firefly revival will be in the works.  Could it be in movie form or are we finally going to get that second season of Firefly? It was announced earlier this year that there would be new Serenity comic book series that will have Joss Whedon at the helm. It brings up a lot of questions. Would you like to see Firefly have a second season or was Serenity enough? If so, do you want it on Netflix?