I know the one thing that gets on your nerves is the fact that on the day after Halloween, it is Christmas music until you want to stab an elf in the pointy shoes. Christmas music can make a person love the season to be jolly. I am guessing for many of you there is that one song that just drives bat shit crazy. I am just speaking for myself but any Christmas song by Mariah Carey makes me want to become an emo kid for at least 20 seconds. The song in particular that I am talking about is All I Want For Christmas is You. I just hate how she over sings every break in a song. It sounds like every “hopeful” that will sing Fallen  on American Idol. Now, that I talked about a crappy song, I also need to talk about a crappy gift. I remember clothes being the worst gift I could get as a kid, well as an adult, bring on the socks. However, there are people who have no clue how to buy a gift for a friend. They will buy the awesome Billy Ray Cyrus album Trail of Tears. Why can’t people just give cash as the ultimate gift? So a parody of Mariah Carey and giving cash as a gift, sign me up. That is cause All I Want For Christmas is Cash.