gina12Gina Torres has made appearances in several shows but that beautiful face and bombshell body is most commonly associated with Zoe Washburne, the part she played in the series Firefly. Alongside her captain and long time friend Malcolm Reynolds she’s a rough and rumble universe traveling thief but when she comes back from their adventures she’s the loving wife to her husband Hoban Washburne, also known as Wash. Zoe’s attitude toward her job is part of what makes her so unbelievably attractive. Who doesn’t love a woman that can handle her own? Another incredibly appealing aspect is her dedication to her husband. Nothing can shake the faith that she has in Wash and their marriage. The episode in which Wash and Malcolm get abducted she immediately gives up Malcolm to get her husband back. Aside from Richard Pruitt, Zoe Washburne is definitely my dream woman. Beautiful bodies, big brains, take charge attitude and a permanent dedication to her causes and the people in her life. No other person deserves a place in the Hall of Hotties more than Zoe, the baddest bitch in the universe, Washburne.