The most wonderful time of the year has finally arrived. It is time to start listening to Elmo & Patsy singing about how an elderly woman was viciously attacked by a reindeer. It means that Christmas has arrived and it is here to stay, well at least for 13 days. Welcome to the first day of Christmas here at The Buzz Kill Magazine. We have a line up so huge Santa wouldn’t be able to deliver it in one night let alone 12 nights. This is why we have a baker’s dozen.  Here is a small rundown as to what is about to come your Yuletide way. We have Retro Videos, Funny Videos, Lip Syncs, 3 Christmas edition of The Buzz Kill Live, The 7s, A Hall of Hotties that will pull the heartstrings, A Hall of Hunks that will stuff your stockings, A dirty Christmas, a not so dirty Christmas, a Christmas Nerdgasm, letters to the big guy, a way to make yourself not be a loser and of course more. However, the big ticket item just like the previous three years is the Christmas story. This year will be no different as we will give all the details about the story on our Facebook page. And now let us start the most wonderful time of the year.

Each year we start this festive time out the same and this year will be no different. We are going to get in our time machines or our TARDIS for all you nerds out there. I was thinking about some of the Christmas songs that have been made, that will make us smile really big. White Christmas came to mind but I really do not want to post a song that could be classified as a possible date rape drug. What song makes you smile at Christmas?  The first artist that came to mind was….. Justin Bieber. I am kidding, the only thing retro about Justin Bieber is the fact he still carries around the condom his father lied about not having the night of his birth. Actually, I am thinking about a group of 5 gentlemen that made everyone just feel good through their music. The Beach Boys had a lot of hits but one song fits the ideal that we are looking for this Christmas. Christmas is a happy time. I want you to pick someone in the room with you, put on a Santa hat and dance with them to the song Little Saint Nick.