Parents who put their kids on a leash…….. What the Fuck?!?!?!?!

Kid-on-Leash-2I may be new to this whole being a parent thing. I am still learning the ropes. I know that anything after midnight is not a proper bedtime and feeding them candy in the morning is not part of a balanced breakfast. However, I know there is one thing that I could never do with my child and that is put them on a leash. Have you ever walked around the mall and seen a child wearing a backpack that is in the same shape as a bear or a monkey and instead of it being just that, it has a rope that leads to a parent’s wrist? If you answered yes, does this not bother you? We are not going to go the store and leave our children tied up to bike rack when we go in, so why in the hell are we treating them like animals. Have we become so lazy that we can’t teach our children that running away from Mommy and Daddy is wrong. I am guessing there must be some shame you have in your kids if will you not take the time to hold their hand. It does not hurt you to hold a child’s hand when they are in a public parking lot or crossing a street. Instead, we get a parent putting their kid on a leash because we are too afraid to really do anything to help our children learn. Let me give you a mental image. Picture a child on the leash. The picture to the left is a great focal point. Now, that you have that mental image in your mind, let’s go one step more. Remember that muzzles are used to feed animals, let’s put a muzzle on a child. Hell, here is a new marketing campaign to sale Happy Meals for parents. This is completely ludicrous. Sit down and talk with your kids instead of doing this. Children are our future leaders, actors, and role models of this country stop putting them on a leash. I predict one day that when people go to the zoo they are going to wonder if the “Don’t feed the animals” sign is actually going to be meant for the animals or the children on leashes.  We get mad at parents who discipline their children in any matter that does not fit “societies way” but it is alright to walk your child on a leash like they are the family pet. I feel that the whole thing is backwards now. We have dogs in strollers and children on leashes. What’s next? Preteen shock collars?  What the fuck?!?!?!