I have realized something that I am not sure how I am supposed to feel about. It is just shy of 11 years of being graduated from High School. A conversation that I was having the other day was about would you go back to high school? I have to say…Yes. I remember kicking it with the drama geeks and eating Taco Bell while flirting with girls that I knew I would never have a chance with. I want everyone sit down and think would they relive high school? The thing that I was always told that High School was the best time of your life. I have to say out of recent event that statement is completely true but I know one thing. I still wouldn’t eat that crappy food they tried to serve us. The worst thing they tried to shove down my throat was a chicken leg with a bit already out of it. Disgusting and there is not argument at all. So as I was browsing Facebook, I found this video and wanted to share it with all of you. Just think if you could do it all over again would you?

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Richard Pruitt

I am Richard and I have a problem. A problem with entertaining people. I have been in the comedy world for over 10 years. I started out as an improv actor making fun and light of everything. Doing that felt rewarding, but I have to admit, I wanted more. I couldn’t get the taste of performing out of my mouth. Does that not sound a little creepy? I decided to start doing my own stand up show. I love to make fun of my family and anything that will make a normal person say what the fuck. The journey still continues, in 2009, I had a dream to create my own online magazine. This is the beautiful corner of craziness in front of you. I have been through hell in my life but being stopped is something that I will not let happen. I am a fighter and hope to make people realize it is ok to smile and think from time to time. It also helps being a nerd.