BbE_c3PCUAAHK_ZIt has been a long time since we did a Hall of Hotties, well actually there is the one phantom Hall Of Hotties induction that people can’t see right now but it happens to the best of us. As many of you know I am a television whore. I love all things about television. One show that I have really gotten into over the past few years is Storage Wars. I don’t know what it is about one person finding another’s crap that really gets the blood going with me. The show makes me laugh, and some of those items, I would love to display myself. How cool would it be to unlock a safe? I don’t even know if I would care what was in there but damn it getting to break one open would be bad ass. The one thing about these shows is that they are dominated by the male gender. I can understand this. I as a pseudo male, understand that more crap you acquire the happier one can be. However, these shows do have some female charm and I have to say that if she wanted to clean my unit, she is more than welcome anytime. If you are a fan of these shows, I am going to tell you right now. It is not Brandi. The next induction into the hallowed halls is…… Mary Padian

968full-mary-padianIf you have had the chance to watch the Texas version of Storage Wars, you know where this beautiful brunette came from to grace our hearts. She runs a shop called Mary Finds and fixes up stuff to sell and make it look nice. Is it possible she could fix up a broken 29 year old? Maybe a new paint job would help me out. She is a very quirky young lady who teams with a man named Moe and the rest is history. The two of them meshed well together giving the audience a good chuckle. A girl with a sense of humor, is it possible that I could take her home to meet mom? I tried to look up information on Mary to give her a proper induction but damn finding info on her is about as difficult as me keeping a relationship. I did find out that the craziest thing she purchased was a prosthetic leg. I am thinking about how many dirty jokes I can get into this one but I am not sure if any of the jokes will do the situation justice. We could have a third leg? I am right I should kick that one around. The season finale of Storage Wars: Texas is tonight and in the previews Mary has an imaginary friend. I think I know all about the friend. Maybe our imaginary friends could hook us up or maybe even double date? Who knows? We would like to welcome Mary Padian into the Hall of Hotties. Mary if you happen to read this, I would love to be your highest bidder. I think this is how a John Michael Montgomery song started.