A couple of months ago, I was able to talk about my nerd love for the show Doctor Who. The Christmas special was the last episode of the nerd favorite until August. We are clamoring for something form the Whoinverse. All of a sudden yesterday I was on my Facebook page and was greeted by a picture of The New Doctor’s costume for his run. Peter Capaldi seems to be channeling Jon Pertwee, who was the third Doctor. Here is the picture that released.


Let’s talk about what I do like. This is a huge change from the last two Doctors. I am digging the Doctor is wearing Doc Martens. The second thing I have fallen madly in love with about this costume, he looks like a magician. I love the fact it is retro while looking into the future. I have to say I like the new look a lot, but have one gripe that I didn’t think I would. This will mark the first time since the 9th Doctor and not counting The War Doctor, that no neck wear will be part of it. I think it will add a different touch to The Doctor. So fans of Doctor Who, what do you think about number 12’s costume? Share your thoughts below.

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