Before we get to the awesomeness of a song that will make you feel old, I have a few announcements that will shape up how this week will go.

First off, Episode 12 of The Buzz Kill Live, will be our Super Bowl show. The show will be going live this Friday to get you pumped up for the big game.

Also this week, we will have a new edition of The 7’s counting down the best Super Bowl Ads.

The debut of Lonely and jealous will be taking place on Thursday, and the debut of The Journey will be going live on that night as well.

Finally, we want you to come to The Buzz Kill Magazine right after the Super Bowl, for the debut of Small Screen Torture. Two of us will be locked in the basement of The Buzz Kill headquarters and made to watch horrible television shows. On the docket, The Episode of Saved by the Bell where Jessie gets addicted to Caffeine Pills.

And now to the golden oldies of the 80’s. Growing up, my Dad would rent movies that no one else would ever watch if their life actually depended on it. It kind of makes me sad that most of childhood was filled with The 3 Ninjas but that is how the VHS tape rewinds. He picked these movies that were geared towards kids, but had a martial arts background. Remember the movie Sidekicks? I didn’t think you would. The movie was about a kid who has daydreamed and decides to fight some bad guy in a karate tournament. One of his friends couldn’t compete so who ends up on his team? Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris may be able to make anyone bow in mercy, but even he couldn’t save that train wreck of a movie. There was one movie that stood out above all of them not because it was terrible, not because it had a red headed Rob Schneider, (Don’t fool yourself kids, this made the movie cooler) but because it had Tone Loc as a cop in a foreign land. It is the simple things in life that make it worth living. The movie that I am talking about is Surf Ninjas. The fact I remember that will never get me a girlfriend again. However, it did make me remember how awesomely mediocre Tone Loc was. I look at Tone Loc as a less gangster LL Cool J. Let that sink in. So tonight when you are snuggling up in your bed and want to be more awesome. Remember, it’s all in the Funky Cold Medina!!!!



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