I can’t believe that I am going to type this. It is a brand new year. 2014 has arrived in style, too bad for some of us that it showed up in Chevy Pinto but what can one do. We are back and we are going to be here with a vengeance. I have a lot to say and will not turn off the filter this year. First, let me ask you a question, what were you doing 10 years ago? I know I was fresh out of high school cutting my teeth in the world of stand up. I was just a year out of high school. Damn. I feel old. Maybe I should get AARP on the phone. Who needs help with their retirement? If a song is 10 years old that means it is Retro. I do not make the rules, I just follow them. I am guessing by the end of this that you will all feel old and that will be my fault. I will go ahead say, YOU ARE WELCOME. Now on to the show.

I have to say that 2013 was not the most stellar year for myself. My year was filled with extreme lows, and extreme highs. I am glad life can’t make you motion sickness because if it did, I would be screwed. The year ended on worst down notes of my life. I have been trying to hide the emotion from everything I do but sometimes that is really hard to do. I know we sometimes think the world is out to get us or maybe in some way we pissed of Karma. There are days that I have been really angry and pissed at the world for everything. If you do not feel that it is not natural. There are days that I feel like the world’s biggest piece shit. I find those days to be the toughest to come back from. You’re already in a valley of depression, and somehow the only person who can make it worse does. I am speaking about yourself. I think the saying that you are your own worst enemy is very true. The valley will start evening out, all it takes is time. Easy to say and hard to do when you are impatient.

I think the question that is on everyone’s mind is how that valley happens. I wish I had the answer for you. I wish I had an explanation for the pain that goes through all of us at one point in our lives. I think the one thing you have to do is fight. If you fight for something that you care and love about it will all be worth it. The end game can be something special. If you try and you win, I am going to guess that a smile will never come off that face in the mirror. However if you try and you fail, you are right back where you started waiting for time to be the band aid the soul needs. Anything you are fighting is special, and worth leaving blood, sweat and some cases, tears. It could be a job or a love about to be lost, we all have THE REASON.