I want to reinstate something that we started a couple of summers ago. If you would like to dedicate or request a Retro Music Video, become a fan of us on Facebook and let us know what you are looking for. Today, we would like to dedicate to fellow writer Chris Knight, today is his day of birth so we had to find the perfect video for him and we have done just that. I remembered a while ago on The Buzz Kill Live, we had a discussion about the worst covers that we have heard. I think a few of us could say that Celine Dion destroyed our entire world when she sung AC/DC. I think my eardrums wanted to kill themselves at that moment in life. The one thing that I did know, I didn’t think things could get worse but alas they did. One Mr. Chris Knight, brought up a certain Faith Hill. I am not a huge Faith Hill fan by no means, I am glad she has a career but honestly I didn’t even know she was alive still. Chris Knight on the other hand is in complete love with the country singer. He even has a tattoo of her face on her back, so for his birthday, we thought we would send him his favorite Faith Hill song and some macaroni and cheese. The cover of the Janis Joplin hit, Take Another Piece of My Heart. I am guessing when he reads this, I am going to get my ass kicked. If this happens, please send flowers and hot wings to my hospital bedroom.