It is that time of the year that we play one of the world’s favorite games. It is time to pit two celebrities up in a matchup of who is more doable. It is time to play Who’d You Rather!!! Today we have a matchup of 80s movie vixens and two members of the Brat Pack. Let’s get a St. Elmo’s Fire burning in that special region while you look pretty in pink.

mollyIn one corner we have the saucy red head that changed the way we look at movies in the 80s. Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, and The Breakfast Club to name a few of her masterpieces. She can now be seen in the terrible, Secret life of the American Teenager. In the pink corner, Molly Ringwald.




r7lnnb2j6qc5l7ncIn the black corner, the woman who played the creative artsy type in almost every 80s movie she was in. She was quirky, and she looked hot in The Breakfast Club. She now can be seen in television and movies in the wonderful world of cameos. I present the weird and the always sexy Ally Sheedy.



So now it is up to you who wins? So America…… Who’d You Rather?

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