I hope all of you had a happy Valentine’s Day. I hope your sweetheart made your day by showing you how much they care. Let us jump right into the questions that you have sent in for me to answer this week. I really hope that I can make your love special or help you find exactly what you are looking for in love.

Dear August,

Would you give up on being with someone because of a culture/religion difference?

If you are going to be romantic with someone of a different religion, it can be difficult. It can be even more difficult if they ask you to take part in their religion as a very prominent member. The toughest decision will be if it is going to work or not. I would say not to give up. If you love someone with your heart, you have to try. If religion becomes part of your problem, one of you will have to give in to keep it work or move on. As for culture, No. That could lead to new and exciting things in a relationship that you have no idea about. Give it a try. What is the worst that could happen?

Ask AugustDear August,

I broke up with this guy 2 years ago, he still always calls me, even when I’m seeing other people, so I’m single and he’s been calling me every day for 4 months, I started to give in, showing interest a month now, but cautious because he hurt me before. This week was of course was Valentine ’s Day he calls me early says happy valentine but I don’t get him for the rest of the day. Now why someone would be trying so hard and as soon as you give in not answer his phone on valentine. I know he’s alive and ok. Should I just be normal and act like it didn’t bother me and leave him alone, or should I just drop him like a hot potato and act like he never existed. Really hurt!

You have to remember the way he hurt you. There are two ways you can look at this situation. It has been 4 months and you really haven’t been giving him the time of day. It doesn’t seem that you are thinking with your heart but​ out of loneliness. If you can look past the way he hurt you the first time, then there is a possibility for that. It seems that he is just calling you because he is lonely as well. This is going to either be a double edged sword if you get back together. I personally believe that you need to let him go and move on to what could be your best relationship to date.

Dear August,

 I broke up with ​a girl about a month ago and we were dating for about 4 months. She’s leading me on and flirting with me and she even says we’re closer since the breakup. She turns to me for everything and tells me all the things she’d never tell anyone else. Her friends say she still loves me and by the way she acts and the things she says make it sound believable, but every now and then she says that she likes being friends but its hard to believe it with the things she says/does. So does my ex still love me or does she only want to be friends

There is another writer on this magazine that went through the same situation as you are going through at this moment. It seems that she wants to keep you on the stringer to a point. I think that if things do not work out in the world of love for her, that she knows that you will always be there when she doesn’t have anyone. I do not doubt that she loves or has feelings for you. I think if you are to see her true feelings, lay them all out on the table. Tell her how you feel to her face, watch her reaction. If she seems really distant there may not be anything there. Sometimes in love, it is hard to hide a poker face.

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