Whether you are fighting dragons, designing your own home with a touch of the Middle Ages simplicity, or fighting off Bandits with magic spells on a quest for your destiny Fantasy games have all the lure and mystery to take you away from the drag of everyday life. I personally like to sit and fight monsters and dragons for hours on end, because I love feeling destined for greatness. If you are looking for an escape or maybe even want to feel like you belong to a faraway world then Fantasy Gaming is for you. I will explain in this article why fantasy games are so intriguing and the basics of this lost world of dreams.


1stFor thousands of years our culture has been drawn to this so called phenomenon of taboo practices. We have religions based on magic and even careers. What makes magic in fantasy games different from any of these great categories is that it puts your imagination to action. You can literally cast spells, foretell the future, and even in some games control other people. How many times have you been tempted to do that in real life? In fantasy games you are literally the maker of your own destiny. You can choose to be a warlock, mage, or priest. The possibilities are endless.



2ndHow many times have you wished or even dreamed to be more powerful than any other person? In fantasy games you have that power. You can choose what you want to be and how you want to do it. You can be evil or good hearted. Your path is your own. In some games you can even be a great leader who has power over their own domain. You can literally do things and get away with stuff you can’t normally do in the real world. The allure of fantasy games is that you can be anyone or anything you want to be, which is definitely what you can’t always do in real life.



3rdHow many times have you wanted to see a Dragon or perhaps even a ghost? In fantasy games there are a number of different creatures that you have only heard in fairy tales. You can live as an Elf, ride a Dragon, or talk with the long Dead. Each game has its own story therefor all the characters will not be the same, but you join that story and see creatures you don’t normally see in real life. Fantasy games have another realm in which you can interact with a variety of other worldly beings.



Being a Hero or Heroine

4thEver wish you could help someone, but in real life can’t? Maybe because you are not strong enough, not courageous enough, or just can’t come their rescue. In fantasy video games anything is possible. You can save the weak, because you are the tough one. You can help your village from an evil foe, because you are the fearless one. You can go anywhere, because sometimes you can even teleport! Fantasy games give that opportunity to do something you’ve never done before or have never had the chance to do.


Beginner Fantasy Video games

Whatever fantasy games you would want to try, there are many different ones to try out. If you were to try out a simple Fantasy Game I have my personal picks for beginner fantasy games. They are easier to play and can get more complicated, but there are tons of Gamer Wiki’s to help out there.


MMORPGs are computer games that you have to have an updated computer and broadband internet connection is recommended. You have to download them or buy a disc at your local store. The term MMORPG itself mean Massive Multiplayer Online Role Play Game which means you are playing a role play game online with a huge amount of other gamers. Some of these games cost, while others you can download and play for free.

World of Warcraft (WOW)

5thAbout everyone has heard of this game by now, but it is also still a favorite. This game was my beginner MMORPG. It was easy to get into, and even better if you have a friend who plays who can help you. You can even join “Guilds” which are groups of players that can help you begin and sometimes even help you do your quests. It does have a monthly fee. I used to play it, but I found a multitude of free similar ones online. You can find more of a basic description and layout of the game at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_of_Warcraft.



Perfect World International

6thThis fantasy MMORPG game is by far my favorite. It is free to download and free to play. I was still a beginner when I started this game. The setup is similar to World of Warcraft in gameplay. The graphics are a lot better in my opinion and the character customization is even more so. You can make a character similar in features even to yourself or your favorite anime character. There are a few differences like your “guilds” are called “factions”. In my experience I got better attitude from online players than WOW. You can learn more about this game here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perfect_World.


Console Games

Console games are on XBOX and Playstation. Each person has their preference and each gaming system has their own games. Some games are shared between them. Console games are different because you have the option to play alone offline or play with friends and other gamers online. Each game has its own preferences. I’m going to list two beginner fantasy games that are easy to get started and easy to play.


7thFable is the first fantasy game I ever played on console. It is great for beginner to intermediate gamers. The first Fable was made for Computers, but has just recently been remarkably remade for Xbox as Fable Anniversary. This game can only be played on Xbox, but it is made into a large series of games such as Fable II, Fable III, Fable Journey (made only for Kinect), and Fable Anniversary. It doesn’t have customization, but more choses your characters for you. Fable II and Fable III you can choose to be a man or woman. It also has quests in which you earn your experience and different creatures that you fight. You can choose whether you want to be good or evil and it has great humor. You can get married and start relationships. In Fable II and Fable III you even can choose to do jobs for money. You can find more information about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fable_(video_game_series).

Elder Scrolls

8thThis is another game that can be played on consoles and computers. This franchise is a little different. If you like more of a retro game or just a beginner you can start on Oblivion which is a little more pixilated but a great game none the less. Skyrim is the most popular and so far my most favorite. It has great character customizations and amazing graphics for your HDTV. You start out as a random character that gets caught in the wrong place and at the wrong time and about to get your head chopped off, a dragon then attacks the town and you escape through underground tunnels. The story then unfolds and you can choose what you want to do. If you get the add-ons or buy the Legendary Edition you can play Hearthfire which you can build and design your own house. Soon they are making Elder Scrolls online which will be one of the first MMORPGs for consoles besides the Call of Duty series. You can find more about the Elder Scrolls series here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Elder_Scrolls.

In conclusion, whatever reason that you are drawn to fantasy video games they are worth giving a chance. Sometimes life is full of disappointments, problems, and is just plain hard. Fantasy video games can take you to another world where in fact you can make those problems go away and be the hero or heroine of your own story. Fly away on a dragon, combat evil minions, or be the bad guy. It is all up to you because it’s your own story.