g1There is something that I just have to speak out about. There is a trend going around on social media that gets way too much attention than it should. It starts with the tag “Gamer Girl.” Normally this wouldn’t bother me, because I’m all about feminism and how we really have not had any recognition. We are a very rare kind, and in fact most people don’t even think we even exist, oh but we do. For this reason alone, I have to put my foot down, because this gamer girl fad has gone on way too long. Now, we have earned our rights to be called so because I literally can’t wait to open a game and love seeing a shiny new case before it goes onto my shelf because I’ve beaten it. This fad going around is honestly undermining to all of us who have worked so hard on our trophies & gamer scores. These so called “Gamer Girls” (yes, I’m making the fingers right now) are getting attention when they don’t deserve it. They take pictures with makeup and pretty hair with pictures of their controllers in sexy positions. I don’t know about you, but I don’t look pretty when I game. g2Usually it has been a long, hard day and I’m sitting down to take out on my stress on my video games in a baggy shirt and PJs. True gamer girls aren’t sexy, unless we aren’t playing games. I mean we are sexy in our own way, but we are busy with a controller concentrated in the game. Do not label yourself a gamer girl if you are just going to use our gear to take slutty pictures in your underwear, it’s a waste of good equipment. It’s probably enticing to the men that you are trying to attract, but in all means it gives us girls that have worked so hard for it a bad name. Honestly, I believe it is degrading to leave nothing to the imagination. If anything you shouldn’t use your womanly wiles to get attention. It’s sad and misleading, especially when you’re going to edit a picture anyway. So please find something else to lower your self-worth on and quit ruining our reputation. We are strong women, and we like it that way.