anna-kendrick-10The ladies had their fun today, so tonight it has become the men’s turn. I love getting to write about Hotties and I am not talking about the women I talk to on a daily basis. Just too bad that they will pop if ever around a cat. I digress from the main reason why we are here. It is time to celebrate someone downright sexy. It has been a while since we have done a Hall of Hotties and a lot has happened since that first week of January. I am spending a lot of cold nights curled up with my lost hopes and dreams. I guess the New York Philharmonic will never have a use for a musical arm pit farter but someday. A guy can have hope. I also have the dream of being in a Broadway type play that will be critically acclaimed. The downside to this is I am not Neil Patrick Harris. So this just leaves me in the cold wishing for someone to cuddle with. I thought about calling some exes, but why would I want to be struck twice by lightning. This is why I turn to the cinema. I discovered this Hottie way before anyone else, well except the people who cast her in the movie and the people who actually seen the movie before me and her parents. Ok, I knew about her before a lot of you had. I think that is right. Let me check with the brass. Alright, that does work. I am a huge fan of independent movies, and I am a fan of musicals. If they were to ever put those two together, I am going to be watching it with no pants on as it airs on Sundance. The movie Camp comes on the screen and there was this woman who captivated me. She played a psycho teenage girl who would do anything for the lead role. But most of you know the inductee into the Hall of Hotties as Anna Kendrick.

Anna Kendrick Flaunt MagazineAnna Kendrick, is a 28 year old singer and actress that is most notably known as the girl you don’t hate from the Twilight saga.   She became nationally known for her role in Twilight as one of Bella’s friends but the hot one. I have to go on record. I think Kristen Stewart looks like she is having an orgasm every time she is opening her mouth. I think Carrot Top is a better thespian. However, if they would have cast Anna as the lead role in that franchise, I think the world would have exploded with awesome. She has acting ability that Kristen Stewart only dreams of. She may have not had the biggest role in Twilight, but she wasn’t hated. She was also cast as Scott Pilgrim’s sister in Scott Pilgrim Vs the World. You can’t deny it. You would totally say the L word to her. She is the type of woman that you can say that too, and get all tingly inside after saying. And no you sick perverts I am not talking Lesbians. But now that you mention it.

anna-kendrick-pitch-perfect-650-430She is most well known for her role in the movie Pitch Perfect. Anna stars as Beca. A woman who wants to pursue a career in music to the chagrin of her father. She joins a group of singers at her college and gets lost in the world. I showed up late to this party. It makes me sad too. I am a pop culture whore. Not to be confused with an actual whore. Those are the type of people who bounce from person to person without thought and a fatter wallet. The first time I heard Anna’s version of the Cup song, I was hooked. That has to be one of the catchiest songs in the history of music. I have absolutely no complaints at all. I also wouldn’t mind playing with her cups. I want to learn the song. Seriously, it is like you are waiting for the dirty comments from me.

We would like to welcome Anna Kendrick into The Buzz Kill Magazine’s Hall of Hotties. Anna, if you happen to find this, I have a question I would love to ask you. Would you like to combine your two biggest movie roles? I could bite your neck and sparkle, and you could play with my man cups. That is because I am chubby.

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