Sensational Jennifer Lawrence HD WallpaperThe one thing that I have to add in the wonderful world of picking women to go into the Hall of Hotties, is that we normally go by looks and never a combination of looks and personality. Tonight that is all about to change. I have fallen in love with a women I can’t have. Does that not remind you of high school all over again? You can looks at her and in your mind you are trying to figure out how you can get close to her without being a stalker. That is hard to do if they do not live in walking distance but if she is everything you want you try to run and chase her down. I think that is kind of a funny analogy to use when describing our next inductee into The Hall of Hotties. If you are to chase her, remember that she is trained to use a bow and arrow. Does that not scare the piss out of some of you? Because it does me. The next inductee into the Hall of Hotties is the one and only, Oscar award winning actress who will make you laugh. Jennifer Lawrence

The 24 year old actress was born in the bluegrass state. She was born in Kentucky and has went on to gain one of the youngest successful careers in Hollywood. Her first real big exposure to the world was on the small screen, The Bill Engvall Show. This is one that I couldn’t believe when looking at her IMDB page. Bill has a saying to say to stupid people, “Here’s Your Sign?” I am single, Miss Lawrence and my sign is the same as yours a Leo. We could celebrate our birthday together and get crazy drunk and make out. A drunk man can hope? She then graced the big screen in one of her bigger roles in the movie Winter’s Bone. Anytime that I see her on the big screen in the months of December to February, I too have a Winters Bone……. In my pants. Wow, that was really dirty. Maybe the next movie title I should take seriously and not try to make a sexual reference out of. I apologize for my off colored humor during this time. The next movie she starred in was Beaver.  She is making this way too easy for me.

20131004050534!Katniss_EverdeenI am a nerd and any sort of super hero movie and I am there. Add the fact that she was in X-Men: First Class as Mystique and my nerd on was hard. She can pull off sexy mutant very well. Sorry Sookie. She then moved on to the world of horror… Wait a second, I think I missed a joke, in X-Men, she was the first ass I saw. No. I should quit. The horror movie was House at the End of The Street. The only reason that I knew it was there was because I read Silver Lining’s Playbook. She is best known for her role as Katniss in The Hunger Games franchise. I didn’t think I was going to like those movies but finally seeing both, I have to say that they are amazing.

All joking aside, Jennifer is one of the best actresses that has graced the big screen. She takes her job seriously and understands that it is special to work in Hollywood. She get it both. She is a down to earth woman that a lot of women should look up to. She is her and that is something to respect in the world of Hollywood.

Jennifer Lawrence, We would like to welcome your goofy but beautiful self to the Hall Of Hotties. If you happen to read this, would please teach me how to shoot a bow and would you do it in a slow motion style to capture the beauty? If not, can we eat ice cream and watch PS. I Love You?

One more thing, you have to love anyone that will photo bomb another hottie, Taylor Swift.