Shaun-White-201311-1-402Ladies, I know Valentine’s Day is next week and this girl is already feeling depressed. This is the first year since the age of 4 that I am not going to have anyone to celebrate with in and out of the sheets. It is making me kind of depressed. That is why I thought it would be a great idea to induct a hunky male into the Hall. I have thought about this long and hard and have come to the conclusion that my depression is making my ability to want men, null. I know right. I am one bad break up away from eating ice cream and watching Lifetime for a week straight while wearing sweat pants. That is when you know that you have hit rock bottom. I logged onto my Facebook page to see what everyone was doing out there when I was met with a plethora of promos for the Sochi Olympics. I am not really big on the location of this year’s games, but that is too much politics for a Hall of Hunks. I was looking at the ad that NBC had placed and absolutely fell in love with the guy at the bottom of the ad. I have been sitting in front of a computer for days just trying to figure it out. Recently, I have just seen a new pic of the next inductee into the Hall and thought he was smoking hot. It dawned on me that the man who captured the gold medal that is my heart and the next man to be inducted into The Hall of Hunks is Snowboarding Gold medalist Shaun White.

The flying tomato is his nickname, but I know one girl who would like to touch that fruit. Shaun is a competitive snowboarder and skateboarder. In every Winter X Games, he has competed in, he has medaled. This is going back to the year 2002. The man has a lot of talent on the halfpipe in snowboarding, but he also medaled in the Summer X Games. He was able to get first summer gold in 2007.

grid-cell-2532-1375025567-6It wasn’t until the 2006 Olympics, where we won gold at Turin, is what made The Flying Tomato a household name among Americans everywhere. He was the man with the long red locks. He was proud to win gold for his country and you could see it in his face when he won his first gold medal in the halfpipe at the Olympics. He repeated this feat in the 2010 Vancouver games. He became one of the faces of US Olympic team and rightfully so. He was one of the few stars that people knew who he was, even if it was just because of his flowing red locks.

This year, Shaun White looks much more handsome I might add, will be going for his third straight gold in Halfpipe at the Sochi games. I wouldn’t bet against the man for anything. He is sexy and can do things in the air that most men wish they could on the ground.

I would like to welcome Shaun White to the Hall of Hunks. Shaun if you happen to somehow read this while in Sochi, will you show me a few moves. You could give an Ollie and then I would show you my air-to-fakie. I would then show you some skin and all that would be left for us would be a Backside Rodeo Flip.

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