Ted_profileI have been thinking about what I have wanted in a man. I want a man that will sweep me off my feet. I can’t be alone here. I know you are wanting Prince Charming to come sweep you off your feet and whisk you away to Happily Ever After but I am starting to think that only exists in movies and books. I guess if I can’t have that, I will settle for what is next. I am thinking the next thing I am looking for in a man, is that he has to be sweet. I think we have all been with that one guy who is seems nice, but turns out to be an ungrateful asshole. I mean, we spend a lot of money on them and what do they do in return, bitch and moan about what is wrong. Men. I want a guy who believes in fate and destiny. Is it so hard to find a man who still believes that there is only one woman out there for him? Right now that man could be looking for me and I am sitting here writing about the man of my dreams. I realized that the dream guy of my heart does exist, but too bad he is a character on a television show. The next induction into The Hall of Hunks is Ted Mosby.

quote_from_ted_mosby_by_resresres-d6k0a6dI am a diehard How I Met Your Mother fan. The show speaks to me on levels that no other show has. I remember watching the episode where ted steals the French horn for Robin. I realized right at that moment that was the type of love that everyone should have. Ted gives his heart to everyone 100% and it shows. I have never seen a man put all his emotions into relationships like he does. The man has been left at the altar and still wanted to be nice to her. No man actually does that now. I hope one day to find a man like him. He finally finds the Mother this season and I have cried so much that my eyes have begun to hurt.  The show can bring every emotion out in this girl. I have cried more during that show than I have during The Notebook.

Ted Mosby is being inducted because is the nice guy that would do anything to see a woman smile and who doesn’t want that.