I am guessing you are like the rest of us. I am guessing that you are waiting for the one to show up on your doorstep and whisk you away into happily ever after. I am here to let you know that true love does not work like the movies or the fairytales. Love and dating works like a cell phone. Some days you will have great service and the next day you are left stranded in the middle of nowhere with nothing. We want to welcome you to a story of two souls trying to find love in a world that can be cruel. These two souls have been through it all and they are going to share their stories with all of you.

As you sit down to read Lonely and Jealous: The Story of My Left Hand, I want you to remember a few things. All of these stories are real. There is no making up scenarios or creating characters to make the stories flow the way the writers want to. These stories will make you realize that playing with people’s heart is not a game but something that should be considered as a crime against all of humanity. Each story that is told will shed new light on our main characters and take you into their world. You will understand how they love, how they laugh, how they are angry, and how they are able to cope with the world of heartbreak.

Each story is different and tells a tale that is exclusive to each writer telling the story. A defining moment for each person will be shown. The main writers are sharing their stories but are changing the names to protect the guilty. Nobody is truly innocent in stories about love.

Kaitlyn is a 26 year old woman who has been through a lot in her life. She came from a broken home. Her parents used to fight every night and she was the one who had to suffer the consequences. Since, she was from a broken home, this made life difficult for her. She was not able to trust anybody in the world of dating. This led to some bizarre events, but as soon as someone broke down her walls, they would turn around and run for the nearest exit. Life has dealt her a very difficult hand, overcoming obstacles is what her love life is all about.

Christian is a 29 year old male, who has a problem that causes women to run. He has a medical condition that causes women to be scared by the very mention of it. This has made things very difficult for Hunter in the world of dating. However, he sees the good in everyone. He will not shield his heart from anyone. He has beaten and broken down before, but the diehard romantic in him keeps trying to find the woman he is going to marry.

The two of them happen to meet on a date and that is where our story is set to start. The two of them quickly realize that they will not end up with each other, but someone they can share their story with.

The first story is based around the Kaitlyn character. The first time she falls in love and what happens will shock you. The first part is called, The Lyin, The Betch and The Wardrobe and the first part of the story will be available for everyone to read one week from tonight.

I want you,the readers at home to remember that all these stories are true, these two characters and the writers telling the stories have been destroyed due to what has happened in their own lives. There will be times you will laugh, there will be times you cry with these characters, and there will be times that you will be pissed off at what the characters do. We want to ask you to take a ride with us over the next few months that will change the face love and dating as we know it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Lonely and Jealous: The Story of My Left Hand.

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