I have found myself in a very bored mood today. I can only seem to muster the energy to actually get off the couch. I think today has become a lazy day with a capital LAZY and DAY. I am thinking that I need to bring this party up about four notches and make it 20% cooler. Yes, a My Little Pony reference. I have decided one thing. Running out of hot pockets is a special type of hell that no one can explain. Have you ever been in a hell where it is frozen in the center? That is hot pocket hell. After running out of those flaky crusted little bastards, I have never seen so much panic in my life as an adult. You would think it was World War 2, all over again. However, before the house cat became a sacrifice of dinner, the hot pocket shortage of 2014 came to a blistering end. Sadly, I still feel like I am in that Hot Pocket Hell. Which is one reason, I feel boredom out the whazoo. I think we need a little late 90s swing music to make this place come alive. I think I need to Jump, Jive and Wail, maybe that will get my motor running. I know it’s not going to be the 70th hot pocket of the week.