It is a Thursday which in the Facebook and Twitter world means #throwback and we have a doozie for you today.  I want you to turn that frown upside down and stop being depressed. Want to know why, because it could always be worse. First of all, you could have no arms. How difficult would it be for you to ask someone to wipe for you every time you went to the bathroom or the fact that you would have to drink all your drinks through a straw. I can’t lie. That last one wouldn’t be that bad, especially if it is through a bendy straw or a Batman straw. You could be homeless in the state of New Mexico after traveling two days by train. You would have to live on peanut butter and ramen noodles. That doesn’t sound too bad either, especially if you are a college student. You could have got married and divorced in the same year, but Britney Spears did that and she is making a lot of money. You could be working a dead end job with no room for improvement, just to make ends meet. However, you get all the free chicken bites that one can eat in one sitting. No matter what the situation there is always a flip side of the coin. I have been depressed enough a couple of times in my life to not see the other side of the coin. I can tell you now that it will all get better much more awesome. Want to know why I know this? I am living proof that it gets better. I have learned that when I am down in the valley of depression, there is only one type of music that will cheer up my soul, and I am guessing it will do the same for you too. SKA!!!! Any music that provides a trumpet, saxophone and an awesome guitar riff has me hooked. Speaking of hooked, I think I am going to Sell Out!!!! I used the word hooked because the band is named Reel Big Fish. Just watch the video and smile

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