3084359-3578001612-Tony-Let the lonesome geek begin.  I had wanted an awesome “Stark”to this New Year but am finding myself in a bit of a slump.  My love life is laughable.  While Valentine’s Day is usually a day of basking in love, I find myself bitter and pasting a smile for my little Luke and Leia.  Working for a megalomaniac like Christian Grey is appealing, but would you rather work for an awe-inspiring Tony Stark? This does raise the question of what type of person are you?  Anastasia Steele or Pepper Potts? Would you work for the person you are in love with?  Personally, it looks like a conflict of interest.  Finding myself to be a bit hard headed when it comes to the way I see things, I might pose an argument with decisions.  Then again, I’d never argue with Tony Stark.  Probably wouldn’t argue with Christian Grey either.  Tony is a genius and Christian being into spankings… I might learn to keep my mouth closed.

About the author

Emerson Braddock

Hello people! I am Emerson and I am a geek. I enjoy making people laugh and don’t mind being the butt of the joke. Though I usually make others the butt of jokes. Well, enough about butts. I have two kids who are my whole world and are commonly referred to as Luke and Leia. My love life is laughable and I don’t see an end to that any time soon. So if you think I’m pathetic, just keep reading what I write cause it gets worse. You may end up feeling better about yourself.