This week is going to be so big that it is getting it’s own preview write up. We have a huge lineup set up for the week of love and it is just not for the ones in love. We are catering to the broken hearted as well. No matter how bad your week is going to be, we are going to try to brighten your Valentine’s experience and it all starts tonight.

Lonely and jealousWould you walk twenty miles through a thunderstorm to prove to someone that you love them? Would you kiss a man and fall in love, only to find out that he will run away? Would you get married to someone in less than two weeks? Would you fake being pregnant, just to keep a man around? Tonight begins the newest feature article. Two years ago, I wrote a story that was about falling in love and traveling across the country to be with someone I thought cared about me only to show that I was a pawn in a much bigger story. Tonight, August Dawn and myself, have put our stories together to make one giant story that will cover all emotions called Lonely And Jealous: The Story of My Left Hand.

The Journey

Could you handle a life where you had to live in a wheelchair for the rest of your life? A life of dealing with a health condition that could take your life has not been an easy road to go down but it is all about #thejourney. The next part of #TheJourney continues this week. The next step is trying to handle life after being in a paralyzed state.

Video valentine

Do you want to show that special someone that you love them? Maybe, you want to tell your crush that you like them, or even send something via secret admirer. No matter what the feeling you are having at the moment, you can send a very special message to someone from us. The only thing you have to do is tell us who, and dedicate them a music video and we will do the rest. It is all about showing how you feel about someone. Everyone needs to feel special this Valentine’s Day. Let’s make it happen. Send us your dedications via our Facebook Page or send us an email at

Ask August

Are you having problems with the world of dating and love? Sometimes it is hard to get help in the world of relationships. There is someone there to help you along the way when you have problems. August Dawn, will be taking your relationship questions and answering them in our all new dating advice column called Ask August. If you have a question for one Miss August Dawn, send messages to each question will remain anonymous

The Buzz KIll Live Logo

And finally, The Buzz Kill Live is joining in on the fun with a middle finger salute to love. We want you to send in your worst date story. We are going to be reading the worst date stories on our Anti-Deliah show that will be going live on Feb. 14. We would love for you to send us your stories via our Facebook page or via email at Each story will remain anonymous, but we want to know why you hate the day of love as much as we do.

Plus all your favorites, The 7s, The Hall of Hotties and Hunks, Who’d You Rather, Self Help for the Helpless and more. Make us your nerdy Valentine this year!!!!

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