I have been looking forward to Valentine’s Day. I love being showered with gifts of chocolate and extravagant gifts. Name one girl out there who doesn’t? I have already had three boxes of chocolates delivered to The Buzz Kill HQ. I am making the female interns hate me which I do not feel bad out. If they can’t get their sweetie to buy them something nice, it is not my fault. It also helps when you have legs like mine. One of my biggest gifts just happened to be a stripper pole and a pair edible underwear. Good thing I like fruit snacks by the foot. We have all been enlisted to write a Video Valentine for the dedications and requests that we have been sent via email. This one is dedicated to me from a Ms. Watson but I also want to dedicate this to all the couples out there that still have a spark in their relationship. The song that is about to be played for your pleasure is not about just have meaningless sex. This song is about being with someone special and making an art form that is forgotten by many today. This song is about making love. I want a lot of people to know that sex is special should be done with someone special to you.  I want you to hold someone special tightly, look deep into their eyes, get lost, and whisper I love you. I think all that is left would be playing Let’s Get It On by Marvin Gaye and make a romance that the movies can be jealous of.

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