It is that time again. It is time a play a game of Who Would You Rather? Today’s game will feature a battle for the ladies. It is a battle that has gone for ages, but the world of movies has made this battle becomes more intense. The battle pits DC versus their rival Marvel.


DarkKnightRisesPoster1In the black corner. He keeps the streets of Gotham safe from crazy people who wonder why we are all serious. He has a defense for anything that is thrown in his path, including some Bat Shark Repellent Spray. His biggest weakness are women who pretend to be Russian. I present to you, From Gotham City, he is a millionaire by day and a hero by night. He is The Dark Knight, He is The Batman.



the-wolverine-slashes-past-the-competition--heres-your-box-office-roundupHis Opponent, standing in the yellow corner. He has claws made of Adamantium. The metal turned him from a freak to one of the most dangerous men in the world. He may be a mutant on the outside, but inside he is a sweet, loving man until you piss him off. He is one of Professor Xavier’s brightest bad asses and I wouldn’t want to have my back scratched by him. He is known as the Wolverine.


And now, ladies and gentlemen, the decision is up to you. Who Would You Rather????